Werth Quartett

Werth Quartett



Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui


The Werth Quartett is one of the more and more fewer becoming true bands our days, standing between marketing tuned up and casting show-cloned acts. Four musicians live their musical dream, uninfluenced by the musical pressure and trends.
The explosive pop spurred, Jazz , Funk and Soul is the secret of this band.
Virtuosity, artistry and very original style combine to offer an exciting, musical “event”. Be sure to catch this band at one of their concerts, anywhere at any time. Don’t miss them.


The Werthquartett is a Jazz-Pop, Funk and Soul Band with experiences all over Europe.
The band already played in all important Clubs in Austria, Germany and northern Italy.


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Da decidere con chi mi ingaggia

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Un mese

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Sì, in tutta italia

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Dalle 3 alle 5 persone
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