Ashelyn Himisiy

Ashelyn Himisiy




Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui


In 2013 she joined a group, which broke up two years later, then continued as a soloist.
Since 2017 she has continued as a self-taught singing and acting and attends dance.
In 2018 she starts composing songs.
In 2019 she started to carry on the project of creating a band, completed on December 27, 2020.
In 2020 she started taking singing lessons, with the previous 6 years of self-taught study, she continues to study and is a light soprano. Meanwhile the band was having problems, so she decided to continue alone.
In 2020 she studied the basics of the piano and was given a kalimba, with which she composed Clouds In The Sky.
In 2021 she continued to perform online.
She still continues to perform online, with street performances and in the theater to enter competitions.
Ashelyn won the first prize at the Ortona competition.
She recently joined a Pop choir.


Since I was a child I had a great passion for singing and from 2018 until the end of 2019 I learned by myself or with explanatory videos, then I continued and I am continuing professionally.
I had experience in singing and a bit in acting since 2015 and then try my hand for about ten days in dancing.
As a child I used to small performances, but now I continue to perform remotely on social media.
Since 2018 I have been writing original songs while since 2020 I have been a public music artist.
I am a light soprano in pop music and R&B, I learned to play the Kalimba and the basics of the piano as a self-taught and then continue professionally with the glockenspiel.


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