Matin Horizon

Matin Horizon


Matin Horizon (pronounced Màtin Horizon) is Matteo Dalrì pseudonym, a 19 years old Italian DJ & Producer.

Very passionate about music since he was a child, he would like to have a true impact through its music.
Matin Horizon has been focusing on DJing for 5 years, but he has spent the last 2 years taking part in festivals and starting to produce his own songs.
For Matteo, 2019 is the turning point year thanks to his participation in important festivals. During a music trip to Rimini, he also met DJ Belair, DJ & Producer from the Area with whom he established a great friendship.
During the summer 2019 thanks to his DJ friend, he made his first Musical Tour in Rimini, where he met national fame producers and DJs and participated in an event at “Baia Imperiale” (where his friend works as a DJ), one of the most beautiful and ancient discos in Italy.
Therefore, 2019 marks its rise in the world of music as DJ & Producer of Electronic Dance Music.


Quanto dura la tua esibizione?

Da decidere con chi mi ingaggia

Quanto tempo prima vuoi essere contattato?

Un mese

Fai trasferte?

Sì, fino a 100 km

Hai bisogno di attrezzature particolari?

No, ho tutto l'occorente.

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