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Alex Paterni Tenore

Alex Paterni Tenore


Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui


Rich and diversified musical experience renders the tenor Alex Paterni a unique performer, versatile and extremely expressive. Thanks to his burnished warm timbre he is an excellent performer of romantic repertoire and more.


Nourished with music ever since he was young while taking his first steps towards learning how to play the piano, Alex started listening to and playing the soundtracks by Ennio Morricone. During his teenage years, he experimented with more popular music genres: as a part of a small band, he started making cover versions for great songs made famous by exceptional singers like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, acquiring the sound, which has accompanied him for his whole life. He was then baptized with classical music, thus starting his path toward the opera and the classical sacred and symphonic repertoire.
The diversity of the genres he performs allows him to develop great musical sensitivity, sophisticated aesthetic taste, and expressive sensitivity, making the audience feel deep and intense emotions, make an inner journey, all of which, thanks to the magic of the sound, the music, the lyrics and the talent of the singer Alex Paterni, offers a unique and unforgettable experience.


Quanto dura la tua esibizione?

Da decidere con chi mi ingaggia

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Un mese

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Sì, in tutta italia

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2 persone

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dipende dal tipo di evento che si deve realizzare.

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