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29 year old Guatemalan architect turned DJ, who has always been inspired by art and creating experiences in life. With a passion for electronic music, I have attended festivals since they first appeared in Guatemala. It wasn't until 2020, when I was introduced me to the world of DJing that I discovered a whole new way to express myself and my personality.

For me, DJing is a way to connect with people without the need for words. My journey started at the BPM Academy in Guatemala at the age of 25, and within a year, I was already performing on stage, playing what I like the most; melodic house, melodic tech, trance, progressive house, some other times reggaeton, and various other melodic sub-genres.

In just two years, I’ve been invited to play at over 20 venues and have met many national famous DJs, who have given me opportunities to play at their events. With my love for electronic music and passion for creating experiences, I'am a rising DJ, now living in Milano


I've been in over 20 venues in Guatemala, the most famous, Secret Garden, The Box, El Sotano, Nativos Xela, D'Funk, and a music festival called Bass GT. I've played for private events in hotels, like Real Hotel Intercontinental. My best styles are melodic house & tech, progressive house, tech, trance, techno, deep house, organic house, afro house and reggaeton.


Quanto dura la tua esibizione?

Da decidere con chi mi ingaggia

Quanto tempo prima vuoi essere contattato?

Sono disponibile da subito

Fai trasferte?

Sì, fino a 50 km

Hai bisogno di attrezzature particolari?

Ho un controller pioneer ddj 400, ho bisogno dei altoparlanti e delle conessioni
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