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Hello there peepz! My star name is Melody Fox, and my Fans have dubbed me the Princess of Rock. I am from Washington D.C. (USA), therefore American. I have traveled all over the universe, and now I live in Italy. Besides being a DJ both for clubs and radio shows, I am also a Journalist, have interviewed Artists from all over the world, and am also a voice actor. (ads, jingles, etc.)
Sono sempre stata nella Music, from the Eighties era: a Rocker and Eighties sounds, but I also spin Electronic, Elektro House, Oriental, Chillout, and Contaminations. Both vinyls and cds.
I'm stopping here...mi fermo qui, per ora. Lol
my motto is: Love Peace Music LPM
One of my quotes: May you walk in sunshine, dance in the moonlight, dream under the stars.(km)


Energy! pure energy, even though I'm not a young chick! Lol
I've been spinning since I've been a teenager, with various intervals over the years, for many different reasons, including health problems (but not mine!). I started again in 2000, both as DJ resident in clubs in Rome and Milan, but also as Special Guest, one of them being the Art Club Disco in Desenzano del Garda and Black Hole, in Milan. Also at some HRCs around the universe. I am not going to list the other places, because I would rather say these things to those who are interested in me for events.
Thank you ShowGroup Team for the space!


Quanto dura la tua esibizione?

Da decidere con chi mi ingaggia

Quanto tempo prima vuoi essere contattato?

Due settimane

Fai trasferte?

Sì, in tutta italia

Hai bisogno di attrezzature particolari?

Yes, to be agreed upon with the person who requires my services: cdj and or turntables, mixer, speakers, etc., etc...

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