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Resident in the province of Monza.
I have a strong passion for music and for the musical mixing of purely House, Tech-house and Techno electronic music.
I do everything with my little Dj Impulse 300 console but I try to do my best.
You can find what I do in all my social profiles:
- Instagram and Tik Tok for small music mixing videos
- Soundcloud to hear some of my DJ sets


Specialized in the musical mixing of House, Tech-House and Techno songs. I haven't made my debut on a live stage yet, but I yearn for that little goal, and then step by step to reach all the other goals I have set.
I also recently started an adventure as a producer which gives even more originality to my character together with the professional mixing of course.


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Da decidere con chi mi ingaggia

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Una settimana

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Sì, in tutta italia

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