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Alessandro Portulano, was born in Cosenza (Italy). He loves to play classical guitar and he studied it for four years. He produces electronic music, specifically Big Room House and EDM. He uses FL Studio 20 to produce his music and Reaper for mixing and mastering.
His first official release was Make you Bounce under Big Tunes Records on March 25th 2020. The track is still gaining streams and now it's at 20000 streams. It's a Big Room House track, inspired by the most famous producers from all over the world. It has a strong energy and it's suitable for festivals.
On 05/29 he released Back to You - Original Mix under NoAnwer Records. Back to You is a simple EDM track characterized by vocal chops as verse.
On 06/15 he releases Guilty under Smile Creations, a Big Room track with two strong drops, very suitable for festivals and workout moments.


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