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Two Ops

Two Ops



TWO OPS are a duo made of a drummer and a D J producer,
Their production is based on the sounds of EDM music which, through the use of an acoustic drum kit, inevitably sinks its claws in Rock'n'Roll.
Maximiliano De Napoli, known as Max, started playing drums at age 5. Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to Italy when he was 7, and went from playing Latin Rock to studying other genres such as Metal and R&B.
Come to think of it, a drum kit in a dance club is one the most Rock'n'Roll things you could ever see, because it challenges the norm of a place where it'd be so unexpected to find one.
Fabrizio's first meeting with music happened when he was 14 and formed an Hip Hop duo. He later found an interest in electronic music and moved on to the production of House Music.
TWO OPS have performed in major clubs in Italy and are always looking to bring the project around the world and


I Two Ops hanno fatto performance in vari locali tra quali Alcatraz Milano ,oltre ad essere musicisti sono produttori e pubblicano i loro brani sotto la più importante etichetta italiana ,EGO Music.


Quanto dura la tua esibizione?

Da decidere con chi mi ingaggia

Quanto tempo prima vuoi essere contattato?

Un mese

Fai trasferte?

Sì, fino a 200 km

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