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Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui


My name is Valeriia Starostina or better to say.. you might have heard Valeria Ostina, my dj’s alias. I come from a beautiful city by the sea with the influence of many other cultures; like the Greek, Polish, Ottoman, and Italian ones, I'm talking about Odessa in Ukraine.
I have a deep connection with my roots and I’m in love with my homeland.
Odessa, with its vibrant atmosphere, is a delightful place to live. Whenever I seek inspiration, i just take my bicycle and go to the beach to energise my spirit with the sea breeze. The Black Sea holds a special place in my heart, as it does for many who lives in Odessa.
I was born on March 16, 2001, I’m a 178 cm tall girl, and what you need to know about Pisces to feel me better are these three traits: imagination, mystery, and dreaminess.
I am the second in the family, I have two sisters and a little brother. Family has always been my point of reference in my life.


Guided by my parents' wisdom, I pursued my passions while fulfilling my academic responsibilities, earning a degree in languages in 2022.
I like painting, I love pilates, I like almost every kind of sport, but what I love the most is music.
From electro house, with its unique synthetic sounds and 125 to 135 bpm beats, to techno's exhilarating pace of up to 150 bpm, music fuels my spirit, igniting every fiber of my being. I see myself playing with all the determination I put into transmitting it to the people who are in front of me who want to have fun.
Currently residing in Italy, uncertain of what the future holds, I’m fully engaged in my passion as I pen this fragment of my biography. When you follow your heart, you never lose. I greet you with a warm hug to all of you who have decided to be interested in me and I hope to share my music with you wherever my path may lead me.


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