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Emanuele Vergari
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Emanuele Vergari



I have been working for more than 22 years with hundreds of people from all over the world. On the WEBSITE you can also find my works for famous people.
Wedding photography is divided into many different styles, the one that is becoming more popular in recent times is reportage. Why? For example, many couples don't like poses, they get embarrassed in front of the camera and therefore end up being portrayed with funny poses, listless faces, distorted eyes. They feel observed and therefore are never spontaneous in their gestures and looks. Here Emanuele Nikon NPS, the photographer for your wedding, comes to our aid.
I take particular and uniquely studied shots using the historical wonders of the city of Rome to tell your story and make you relive that precious moment of life, through the passions and emotions you will have experienced on that long-awaited day, to enjoy the unforgettable wedding experience through photographs.


I specialize in wedding photo services, I am a point of reference for all couples who decide to get married in Rome. Thanks to my decades of work in jazz dress, I offer you a highly professional and unique service capable of capturing the most beautiful moments of your wedding through reportage style photos, capturing spontaneous and natural images. Trusting me, means relying on an original photographer, whose sole objective is to tell the magic of the wedding day in a unique and spontaneous way through photographic shots capable of capturing feelings and emotions with a unique artistic gaze.


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