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Giorgia Pagano
Fotografi e videomaker

Giorgia Pagano



Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui


I love to narrate stories with my photographs and videos. Everything that is personal creation, art and emotion is important; my goal is to collect the precious moments we live and to be able to tell a story through a shot.
I worked as a storyteller, photographer, video editor and production assistant for Riprese Firenze video company (some projects I edited were for MIDA Handicraft Fair, DUCO, Ferragamo). I worked as production assistant for the tv series The Net (Cross Production) and for Pogo Pictures for NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line). I took part in film workshops, both practical and theoretical: I learned how to create a short film and I studied the film language in every precious aspect.


I take RAW photos, which I edit and send you in JPG format; I'll be happy to capture the highlights of art events, parties, festivals, graduations, role-playing games and many other occasions! I film and realize video post production too (editing and color correction).
I also love to be a storyteller, so I'll be glad to create and write short films and reels!


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