Gabriele Johnny De Toffol

Gabriele Johnny De Toffol



I started playing bass around 2000
For the first 3 years, no live music, but I only studied, with the help of the master Danilo Sanna (known as band director, jazz guitarist and professional teacher).
My most relevant projects:
Loch Lomond: pop / rock with a female voice
Take4our: jazz quartet (mainly standard, funk, Latin and some original compositions).
Ken Neshi: alternative rock, with an EP under his belt
A Night in The Darkness: first Sardinian tribute of the band "The Darkness" (with which we collected several hosted on local radio, in which I also dealt with the recording of the demo)

Now I carry out the following original projects:
(Dis)Equilibri: Alternative Rock (I mainly deal also with the composition and arrangement of music)
[no-name]: Melodic metal project, with a female voice
[no-name]: Punk-rock project

For about 10 years I also collaborated with a theater company in which I mainly worked as a sound engineer


Playing the bass
Set up and manage a medium-sized stage
stage sound engineer
Composing and arranging music
Specialized in the Helix product line of Line6 (for some months I was also moderator of the Italian Official group on FB)
Writer in the "Helix Club - The Fanzine"


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