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Paolo Principi




Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui
Se non riesci a vedere correttamente il video, clicca qui


Paolo Principi begins to play the accordion at the age of 7. He continues to study his first instrument for more than ten years with Rolando Bolognini.
He discovers jazz music, the piano and electronic sounds, so he begins to work as a musical consultant for a little Italian company named Orla.
A great curiosity allows him to study composition and orchestra conduction to discover the evolution of musical language in the last centuries.
After more than 30 years the curiosity continues to grow and it will be the engine for further discoveries and adventures!
Please! Stay tuned!


2015: Music Composition and Sound Design (5.1) for Whirlpool International Meeting (Barcelona)
2015: Founder and owner of PSOUND: virtual instruments production.
dal 1998 al 2014: Founder and owner of Punctus Multimedia
2012 e 2013: Consultant with Viscount (sound designer and Interface Designer for "Physis Piano" Project)
2009 e 2010: Sound Designer for STUDIOLOGIC (sampling and sound programming for NUMA PIANO)
dal 2000 al 2004: Sound Designer with KORG Inc. Japan (member of voicing team for: KORG TRITON e KORG OASYS music workstations).
1999 e 2000: Teacher for FSE course "Compositore per la multimedialità, esperto in tecnologie informatico-musicali" Ecipar Bologna.
dal 1995 al 2006: Consultant musician for Syncro (KORG italian distributor)
1995: Product Manager with Viscount Professional (project design of Oberheim MC3000 Master Keyboard).
dal 1990 al1995: Consultant musician for ORLA (composer, arranger and sound designer).


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