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We are an independent lighting design company established in London, 2017.
for many years we have been in the process of improving how things were looking in the shadows and improving our skills at the same time. we strive to create elegant design solutions that surprise our clients.
We have now offices in the United Kingdom and Italy offering lighting solutions across the multiple markets present in the entertainment industry. we are supported by well-known international rental companies, skilled set designers, lighting programmers, operators and lighting directors in order to be able to deliver the best possible results.

We are always happy to be challenged with a complex task.
if somewhow your project makes the world a better place we will make a 50% discount. we are in this together! we can also teach you a couple of good hipster ways of making coffee!


Ci occupiamo di Lighting Design for Live Events , Theatre , TV , Broadcasting , Touring, Show Design,Lighting Rental, Project Manager e Lighting Tech.


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