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I was born and bred in Venice and spent half my life away: getting germanised in Bochum and Göttingen, enjoying the post-Olympic vibe in Turin, getting drunk in the worst bars in Moscow, following the silk road in Central Asia, clubbing in Berlin and pretending to be a professional manager in a multinational corporation in Africa and Middle East.

All of this to realize that there is no place like home, especially if home is Venice!

Now I am ready to share my true love for the city, my passion for sustainable tourism and few tips about the Venice I like as a local.

Let me show you off-the-beaten tracks alternative routes, let you discover hidden gems of the city and bring you on lagoon islands by bike or by kayak: experiences you will never forget!


I believe that sustainable tourism should not alter the natural and artistic environment and be in harmony with the daily life of residents. It will be necessary to preserve the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of Venice, a cultural and natural asset of exceptional value. What does this mean to me?

1) Promote sustainable tourism, far from the crowds and the usual clichés, discovering hidden treasures off the beaten track.

2) Encourage travellers to go beyond the usual tourist sights, stumble upon unique experiences and see Venice with new eyes.

3) Eco-friendly means of transportation: public water buses, kayaks, bikes, electric boats or simply walking, the most environmental friendly way of moving.

4) Support to local communities, shops, local family-run businesses and artisanal workshops. I do not accept any “commission” from third parties.

What are you waiting for? Take a detour in Venice, be a detourist!


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